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A Good Cashier Should Know the Products

It's a good idea for the cashier to become familiar with the
store's inventory and have a general idea what each item
costs; that way any errors made during the transaction will
get detected easier. The job description for cashier states
that the cashier is responsible for transations of goods
and services sure, but they may also have to cash checks
for people; issue refunds, wire money and even perform
tasks like exchanging propane bottles (if the store sells
propane), wrapping gifts, or bagging groceries if the store
calls for it. It's also common for convenient store cashiers
to restock shelves and clean up the store.

Cashiers use Simple Machines

Equipment often used by cashiers consists of the cash
register, lotto machines, money transfer machines,
computers, calculators and the like.

Simple Hazards to Cashier Work

It is also important for cashiers be aware of simple work
hazards,  many different types of strain related injuries
occur due to the repetitous nature of the work. They will
make a lot of the same movements over and over, such
as punching keys on the register's keyboard or moving an
item over a scanner. The employee should also be aware
that this job calls for a lot of standing in one spot for long
periods of time, it's a good idea to invest in a good pair of
comfortable shoes that fit correctly.
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Job Description for Cashier

Modern Cash Register

The Basic Job Summary:

The cashier position is often an entry level position. In a
store, a cashier; which is another name for a clerk or
check out assistant; is an individual who totals up the
price of items that cusomters want to purchase. In the old
days this was done with a simple pencil and paper. Later
they implemented adding machines, and now in modern
times of course they have the actual cash register.  After
all of the products have actually been checked into the
register's computer the cashier will then conduct
transactions. Common transaction methods now
incorporate paper money, credit cards, checks, debit
cards,  and coupons. The cashier then takes payment for
the items or services exchanged, records the quantity
obtained, makes pricing modifications, such as validating
coupons or offering discounts and will then offer receipts
or tickets to the customer or end user.
Old Time Cash Register
credit card machine

A Cashier's Job is all in the numbers.

Cashiers must be good at basic math, it is their
responsiblity to insure that the customer has paid the
proper amount and that the customer also recieves the
proper chang. Cash registers will certainly document the
quantities of the goods sold  and it might calculate the
totals of each transaction, but the cashier has to confirm
that the dollar amounts printed out on the reciepts are the
correct amounts that were exchanged with each
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Job Description for Cashier

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