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Mcdonalds Cashier Job Description
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The McDonald's cashier is responsible for a list of job
responsibilities. The majority of their job involves taking
food orders, ringing up transactions, and helping to make
sure the place stays clean, and keeping supplies in stock
behind the register, like cups, napkins, etc. They are also
the first line of defense when it comes to dissatisfied
customer inquireys.

The number one priority of a McDonald's cashier is to
make sure the customer is taken care of. It's very
important for cashiers to keep a good attitude and a
friendly-caring attitude throughout all interactions with
each customer.

McDonald's Cashier Job Duties
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mcdonalds cashier job description


There are benefits available to McDonald's Cashiers. They
recieve a competetive rate of pay for the fast food industry. It
usually starts somewhere a little bit higher then then what
minimum wage is. Raises are given frequently for job done well
and over tenier.The McDonald's Corp. provides an extensive
package of benefits to employees who are eligible to recieve
them. McDonald's work benefits for cashiers may consist of
401 (k) options, coverage for disability, and paid vacations.
McDonalds may also offer health, vision and dental insurance
plans for those that qualify.

When your a McDonald's cashier your number one priority is to
take good care of customers, take their food orders and ring
them up. You additionally will also be responsible for helping to
fill customer orders, most likely preparing drinks or filling french
fry boxes. When there aren't any customers to service over at
the cash register area, you can use that time to perform clean-
up duties: dining room tables, dining room benches and chairs
and of course the floors and windows too. You additionally have
to make sure that the restrooms stay clean and the trash bins
are never overflowing.
Politely greet all customers who enter the store.
Recieve orders from customers both at the counter and at the drive through.

Upsell any current promotions
Make sure the dining and counter areas are always neat and clean.
Help with putting food in bags or on trays and get the orders out to customers in the dining area or at the drive through.
Fill french fry boxes with freshly cooked french fries, for customers to enjoy.
Keep the counter area freshly stocked with cups, napkins, lids, ketchup packets and other sauces.
Keep the floors clean in the counter area.
Keep track of your orders and get them out on time.
Make sure to count all transactions correctly so that the amount of money in the cash register matches the amount of money in the computer's log file at the end of your shift.
Help to train and teach new employees.
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