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McDonalds Crew Job Description

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McDonald's Company is the globe's biggest and most well
know burger franchise. McDonalds is most well known as a
fast food indusry leader. dining establishments, serving even
more than 58,000,000 (thats 58 - Million) consumers every
single day. Numerous of McDonald's supervisors and
franchisees began their careers as actual McDonald's crew
team members. This could be one reason to work as a
McDonald's crew member!

Ever wonder what it takes get involved at this fine dining
establishment? Below you will find the details of the
McDonald's Crew Job Description.
Exactly what is McDonald's Crew?

McDonald's Crew belongs a bistro group whose primary
duties are client service, meals preparation, hygiene and
health. McDonald's Crew are the workers who are
responsible for providing customers with a great experience
and fantastic service.

Overall Work Environment

The great men and women of the mcdonalds crew will spend
a great number of hours at each franchise, working hard to
cook great food, provide customers with a good experience
and make sure everything is kept neat and clean. It fast food
right? Mcdonald's crew is expected to provide speedy meals
that are high quality and taste great.

Responsibilities of a McDonald's Crew

The McDonalds Crew is responsible for keeping the
McDonald's name in good shape . The different crews are
classified into 3 categories: First there's the kitchen, then
theres the counter, then theres the maintenance.

In the kitchen McDonald's crew members work to supply
finest quality meals to clients to accomplish 100 % consumer
contentment. Cooking all these great meals takes some
special knowledge of the kitchtn equipment. McDonald's
requires that all kitchen crew members try there best to
make great quality food consistantly and get it out in a to get
it out in a timely manner.

The next up is the Counter Crew. These are the workers at
the front lines of customer service. They are responsible for
providing great customer service by being polite, friendly and
making sure that each customer has a great experience.

Next we have the Maintenance Crew. This teams is
responsible for making sure that cleanliness is kept up to the
standard. .

Minimum Education Requirements

There aren't any education requirements or academic
demands at McDonalds Crew. If the candidate can read,
write, communicate, follow directions, and exibits the
appropriate determination to work, they are a good enough
candidate for work at McDonald's.

Now, do you prefer to be a McDonald's Crew? To be a
McDonald's Crew could be a really good task for you.
Energetic, confident, self inspired person that loves replying
quickly to the needs of our clients. The ideal candidate will
be enthusiastic about studying and building a profession with
our company. The crew person functions as an ambassador
that symbolizes our company to our clients.

The obligations that go with this job include the
following duties:

- Greeting clients and patrons while providing extremely
great customer service attention, taking, building and
introducing food purchases, seeking and managing
transaction, operating the cash machine (Constant activity,
regular bending and moving)

- Washing in compliance to our business's hygienic
requirements such as but not restricted to: sweeping and
cleaning surfaces and floors, platforms, counters, kitchen and
robotic assistance devices. Cleaning the dining areas,
eliminating garbage, cleaning toilets and verifying the vehicle
car park is clean. Trash elimination weight can be up to

- Helping new crew associates in studying their new job skills

- Food preparation and cooking for sale- (Standing and
continuous moving)

- Deliveries; off-loading pickups, storage space and activity
of raw item to the office (May need to raise up to 50lbs. with
the assistance of a hand truck)

- Checking inventory of items and assuring appropriate
inventory levels and turning stocked items by expiration date.
(Moving items from chilled areas or stockroom may weigh
up to 36 lbs, item can be divided by products which will

- Checking devices to make sure that it is in appropriate
condition, allowing the management team know if there might
be a problem
- Supporting the other crew associates in their tasks, assist in
any place to make sure that the meals are well prepared,
packed and sent to client in regular basis

Crew associates should be efficient in more than one place
of liability and may not always perform the same job
operation or routine each day.

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McDonalds Crew Job Description
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