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STNA Job Description

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An STNA which stands for (State Tested
Nursing Assistant) is a fundamental
element of the medical system; some
would say the industry would failure
without medical expert staff even though
they perform under the guidance and
power of rns. A medical expert assistant is not a medical expert,
this is an important difference to make so sufferers and their
families don’t become puzzled. Whilst medical expert staff
cooperate with sufferers and will often pass on individual
information to the medical staff and doctors, their primary role is
to assist.

Job Duties

STNA's help sufferers with personal health care and self care,
including washing, clothing, aiding with bathroom use,
hairdressing and healthy skin treatments. STNA's help medical
sufferers with walking, getting on and off of motorized wheel
chairs and turning over  or adjusting in their hospital beds. It's
their job to nourish sufferers that cannot eat by themselves.
State tested nursing assistants that work as home health aids
can also perform tasks like preparing food and do a little bit of
light house cleaning for the patient. Along with administering
general health care, the STNA staff create and build positive
relationships with healthcare sufferers and will also offer
company and stability on an emotional and personal level.

Tracking Patient Progress

Many sufferers recuperating from diseases or patients that have
become incapable of functioning normally, require continuous
observations and ensure that the patients don't harm
themselves or experience a recession in their medical
progress. These tasks are typically allocated to an STNA as
apposed the standard medical RN staff.

Ensuring Patients are Eating

Either through psychological or actual incapacitation, some
sufferers cannot nourish their selves. Instead of providing
nourishent to the affected person through intravenous
treatments, more commonly State Tested Nursing Assistants
nourish the home bound person directly by feeding them with
eating utensiles. These kinds of tasks call for both excellent
cultural abilities and a soothing hand. The STNA might even
plan a meal or two on many occasions
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stna job description

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