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Surgery Scheduler Job Description

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"Surgery scheduling isn't that stressful,
it's actually quite rewarding. Basically
what you do is greet patients, run
tests assist with surgery operations.
If you're a people person it is very
enjoyable. Patients always seem to be
very appreciative especially if you compare them to a
regular customer service job like food and restaurant
customers. Medical patients are more pleasant to deal
with hands down." T. Barber - surgery scheduler

You'll also find yourself doing standard office tasks like
mailing out bills, calling pharmacies for patients,
cleaning and sanitizing office equipment and other
things in the surgery scheduler job description below

Basic Duties

1. Synchronize and arrange surgical treatments,
follow-up sessions as marked by medical

2. Interact with clients', medical professionals and
additional team both within the Clinic and at outside
facilities offering precise, prompt and responsive info.

3. Synchronize procedures and course all
documentation as needed to fulfill medical professional
and facility demands.

4. Make sure reliable telephone communication.

5. Follow all composed process and treatments of the

6. Show courtesy and helpfulness towards customers
and their households.


1. Timetable mutually appropriate visit times for
customers and medical professionals utilizing
computerized scheduling system.

2. Work within the patient services division and all
additional divisions as a devoted team member.

3. Should have the ability to acknowledge and react
adequately to urgent / emergent circumstances per
4. Set up and preserve efficient working relationships
with medical professionals, personnel and
5. Successfully manage common job worry.
6. Document work refines as called for.
7. Carry out additional obligations as designated.


Education Requirements: High school diploma or
Licensure or certification: Not called for.
Experience: One of the following:
1. 6 months experience as a medical front desk with
durable expertise of coding.
2. 6 months related experience and/or training, or
comparable blend of education and learning and

Abilities and Special Knowledge:

1. Medical terms.
2. ICD-9 / CPT Coding.
3. Fundamental typing and keyboarding abilities.
4. Durable organizational and social abilities.
5. Experience with customer service and multi-line
6. Familiarity with home computers and additional
workplace equipment.
Surgery Scheduler

Additional Requirements:

1. Capacity to mantain focus on tasks.

2. Capacity to work on multiple tasks at once.

3. Need to have the ability to behave in a relaxed
manner and efficiently in an occupied or stress filled

4. Capacity to connect successfully in the native
countries language, over the telephone and in casual

6. Needs adherence in reguards to hospital
regulations, consisting of requirements for punctuality,
attendance security, and dress codes.

7. Need to have the ability to develop and keep
effective work relations with supervisors and other

Physical Requirements:
Listening: Adequate to carry out job obligations in
individual and on the phone.

Talking: Must have the ability to connect plainly to
clients in individual and on the phone.

Seeing: Acuity of vision appropriate to carry out job
responsibilities, consisting of checking out details
printed on papers and digital displays.

Additional: Requires periodic lifting and carrying
products weighing up to 10 pounds unassisted. Needs
routine flexing, reaching, and repeated hand motions,
routinely or throughout a routine work shift.

Major Duties:
Random or Related to:
Surgery Scheduler Job Description

Assist the health professionals to look over sufferers to apply treatments, handing the doctor the appropriate tools, equipment, administering shots, using tools to hold wounds open and applying bandages.
Operate radiological equipment, EKG machines, and more medical devices to manage schedule health care assessments.
Contact different pharmacies on behalf of the patient to order refills or newly perscribed medications
Talks to medical patient to obtain healthcare details and determine the severity of the patient's overall medical condition.
Keep financial information or execute other accounting responsibilities, such as creating payment plans for patients and mailing out bills.
Prepare and provide medicines as instructed by a doctor.
Get therapy areas ready for patient exams, keeping the areas neat, and sterile or sanatized.
Take samples of the patient's blood, body tissue specimens, urine specimines and other specimin types, log the types, and make preparations each sample to be examined.
Change wound dressings on injuries.
Perform general workplace responsibilities, like fallowing doctor's directions, pick up telephones, or finishing medical records and insurance documents.
Escort clients to examination areas and get them ready to see the physician.
Set up healthcare clinical devices.
Contact different healthcare facilities or divisions to make appointments for patients to see other health care professionals and recieve treatment.
Wipe down, sterilize and sanitize the medical devices and equipment, properly get rid of infected resources.
Schedule sessions for sufferers.
Record patients' history, important research, or details such as blood analysis findings, or urine analysis details in the proper format.
Welcome new surgery patients coming into the medical center or hospital, check them in and make them feel comfortable.
Explain therapy procedures, medicines, or doctor's reccomendations to healthcare sufferers who need or have just had surgery.
Assign a schedule for clinical assessments and sample studies.
Take a good enventory of healthcare, lab, or workplace resources or devices, place orders if running low.
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