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Wait Staff Job Description

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Waiters and waitress work in a variety of
different service industries such as,
restaurants, bars, casinos, boats, airplanes,
trains, and large dining venues. Typical
duties include greeting customers and
taking food orders, fetching drinks and
meals, and sometimes can even include preparing salads, hors
d'oeuvres (ore-dervez), apetizers or even mixing coctails for
guests and clients.

Wait Staff Requirements

The wait staff should be well aquainted with food service
industry standards, such as food handling and basic health and
safety requirements. It's not out of the ordinary for the waitstaff
to prepare easy portions of the meal, like dinner salads etc.

They should also get aquainted with the menu at a very detailed
level. This will help sell more items on the menu, and help limit
mistakes a little if the server understands what is supposed to
show up on the plate when the meal is prepared.

Work Durations

Restaurant servers can be found on a variety of shifts. Some
will work long hours on their feet consistantly. Others will work
part time and on an irregular basis. It is not uncommon for
people to work graveyard shifts at 24hr restaurants such as
denny's or Waffle House.

Education and learning as well as finding out

Education isn't usually a deciding factor when it comes to the
wait staff job description. As long as the waiter or waitress can
read and write, fallow directions, and has a pleasant personality,
this is usually enough to qualify for a wait staff job.


The United States anticipates that the need for waiting staff at
restaurants and dining establishments will certainly raise by at
least 11%. This figure is projected out to 2016. These numbers
mean that about 250,000 positions will be created during that
period for wait staff workers.

Wages and Salaries

In August 2010, the normal annual income of waiters as well as
waitresses was in approxamatley between $ 9,164 U.S. and
$50,456 Most of these figures are estimated by the number of
tips that wait staff recieves. The hourly wage is also figured in
but it is common for hourly wages for waiters and waitresses to
be kind of low.
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wait staff job description

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